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Eric Harabadian and Lisa Hagopian

Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson talks with Eric & Lisa 2022

Benny Jet Interviews Eric and Lisa 2017

Lisa Hagopian

Lisa Hagopian spent many hours as a child watching movies on TV after school. What an education in film history - from 1930s gangster flicks, to Gentlemen’s Agreement to musicals and every other genre imaginable. Her mother often took Lisa to the Fisher Theater in Detroit to see the latest Broadway play. Her junior high school would screen films like The Red Bal-loon and Night and Fog every year and it was during this time that she joined the school’s film club. This all led Lisa to a life-long love of film, theater and photography. She really caught the photography bug when she took photojournalism classes at Michigan State University. Video production and film appreciation classes came later. After polishing her skills, Lisa & Eric Harabadian produced a public access TV series called "The Arts Uncovered"

Eric Harabadian

Eric Harabadian has been a writer for nearly 30 years having been published in Downbeat, Music Connection, & Metro Times and Big City Rhythm & Blues just to name a few. He is also an accomplished songwriter/ vocalist/ guitarist and has been the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the bands Chain Reaction. Eric started his filmmaking ventures as a pre teen making animated and super 8mm short films for his family and school projects. Shortly thereafter he learned guitar and was off and running with music. In addition to the series “The Arts Uncovered”, Eric volunteered for the Michigan Television Network. Besides music, writing and filmmaking, Eric is also a public relations consultant with Media Stew Public Relations.

313 516 5937

Eric Harabadian interviews Marsha Music
Paradise Boogie on Detroit Public TV.jpg
Lisa Hagopian behind the camera

 Eric interviews Marsha Music

     Middle - Eric and Lisa on the set of WTVS Detroit Public TV

with Fred Nahhat, Lauren Jurcak and Tino Gross.                        Left - Lisa behind the camera

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