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We Thrive documentary

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InWe Thrivewe explore whether or not we can go beyond the struggles and tragedies of our lives, and the often tragic history of our ancestors, to THRIVE via music and artistic pursuits. We see how an eclectic mix of musicians with a common bond do just that! Featuring musicians Hachig Kazarian, Kim Kashkashian, Dan Yessian, Sean Blackman, Ara Topouzian, Tia Tye Mayhem and Tanya Venom, Rubik Mailian, Simon Javizian, Eliza Neals, Chuck Alkazian and others. 


See below to meet the players of We Thrive


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WE THRIVE documentary poster with two hands linking pinkes or little fingers
golden winner.jpg
Lisa Hagopian and Eric Harabadian accept the best documentary award at the Golden Door Film Festival 2023

A little teaser with the talented musicians of We Thrive


Recording with Tia & Tanya


Our interview with Dr Angela Sadler Williamson

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